Dan Sturridge Uses Father's Pride As Inspiration Source For Achivement At Chelsea

Sturridge wants to succeed because of his dad.
Having been provided an opportunity to shine in Carlo Ancelotti's first team over the coming weeks due to injuries and the absence of Didier Drogba to the African Cup of Nations, Chelsea's burgeoning striker Daniel Sturridge has revealed that his dad provides him with the motivation to succeed.

His father, Michael Sturridge, received a footballing education from managers such as World Cup winning boss Alf Ramsey, but declined into non-league obscurity. Sturridge the younger hopes to use his father's experience as inspiration.

"My dad has been a huge influence on my game," the Blue told The Sun. "He trained me when I was very young and unfortunately he didn't get to play a first-team game when he was at Birmingham.

"The fact that, despite all the ability he had, he still didn't make it drove me on to want to be one of the greats. It drives me on to achieve big things because my dad didn't and I want to make him proud.

"What happened to him hurts me because I've watched videos and I've seen how good he was. It's very emotional for me because I know that my dad could have been a very good player.

"That's what drives me on when I say that I want to be one of the greats.

"My dad and my uncle [Dean, played at Derby County] instilled in me that you can't take things for granted and you have to strive for the best. Nothing else is worth doing. You have to put the hours in to achieve that. Dad hasn't really spoken about why he failed to reach his potential.

"He saw six managers when he was at Birmingham City and obviously seeing six managers doesn't help.

"One manager can say he's going to give you the opportunity, he leaves, another comes along and says the same, then he leaves and before long you don't get the opportunity that you probably deserved."

Alan Dawson, Goal.com UK