World Cup Profile: Rafik Halliche - Algeria

Rafik Halliche - Madeira - 02/09/1986
On the international scene, he is perhaps the least known of the Algerian defenders, but is certainly not the least talented. His aggressive play and his combativeness on the ground make of him an essential element of the team.

Having proven reliable in the Algerian league, he was recruited by Benfica Lisbon, and then sent immediately on loan to Nacional Madeira. The tactical knowledge which he acquired in Europe helped his development. In addition, Halliche is a true combatant, ready to give everything for his team. For example, he siffered a head injury last November in Cairo, but nevertheless was due to play against Egypt and he put in an excellent performance.

Did you Know?

Before crossing the Mediterranean, Halliche carried the shirt of the of Algerian team of NA Hussein-Dey. He was quickly emerged as a leader there, so much so that he was their captain as a 20-year-old.