Muntari’s ghost goal, Del Piero’s dream farewell & the nominees for’s Serie A moment of the season

We take a look back at some of the scenes that made the 2011-12 campaign one of the most memorable yet heartbreaking in recent memory
Every season brings with it certain events that will forever be ingrained in the memories of football fans, and the 2011-12 Serie A campaign was no exception.

We saw a little bit of everything this term as Calcio continued to serve up controversial incidents and fairytale moments.

However, there was one thing we could have done without: the tragic death of Piermario Morosini. We would love dearly to talk about the 25-year-old’s chances of earning a place in the Udinese squad for next season's Champions League, but sadly we cannot.

It is inevitable that some moments will stand out more than others and takes a look at the four biggest events during the 2011-12 season in the Italian top flight.


Vittorio Campanile, Italia Chief Editor

The inability to sell Pato to PSG in January was an error that likely cost Milan the Scudetto. How would Allegri’s team have looked if Carlos Tevez had played alongside Zlatan Ibrahimovic. The Argentine was instrumental in helping Man City wrestle the title away from United after he returned and the Rossoneri could have used him with all of their injury problems this season.
Many will argue that Milan lost the championship in that frantic afternoon in January when Galliani had his hands on Carlos Tevez, but was forced to let go following the presidential directive that forbade the sale of Alexandre Pato to PSG.

After weeks of negotiations, the CEO flew to England in an attempt to finally seal the deal for Tevez. Galliani was ready to meet the demands of the English club, who were only prepared to sell the Argentine on a permanent deal.

The sale of Pato to PSG was supposed to provide the necessary funds for the purchase of Tevez. Ex-Milan coach Carlo Ancelotti, who just took up the post in Paris was desperate to land his favourite Brazilian.

The negotiations were almost concluded. Tevez was going to join the Rossoneri and Pato would swap San Siro for the Parc des Princes. However, a sudden last-minute intervention by Silvio Berlusconi blocked the deal and derailed Galliani’s plans ... and maybe a Scudetto.


Vittorio Campanile, Italia Chief Editor

The ‘ghost goal’ was one of the most
controversial incidents of the season and the Rossoneri were quick to bring it up whenever they could. It certainly had an impact in the Serie A title race especially as it involved the two top teams in the standings, but Milan refused to move on instead of hunting for a Scudetto that seemed within reach.
This is an episode that has monopolised the attention of Italian fans in the last few months of the season. Debates in bars, discussions on television; everything revolved around the phantom goal by Sulley Muntari in Milan’s 1-1 draw with Juventus.

The "ghost goal" was too glaring to go unnoticed, too decisive - as repeatedly stated by Milan coach Massimiliano Allegri and other representatives of the squad - to be left alone.

It is difficult to say how the game would have finished had the goal been rightfully given. The Rossoneri would have taken a 2-0 lead but with over an hour remaining the game was by no means finished.

Juve boss Antonio Conte and Allegri waged a war of words in the press, Galliani has kept a photo of the ball crossing the line on his phone and the Bianconeri faithful erupted when ‘two poles’ depicting the image of the goal was shown during their Scudetto celebrations. Don't bet against this controversy being hotly discussed well into the summer.


Vittorio Campanile, Italia Chief Editor

Morosini's death was easily the worst moment of the season. Seeing a young man lose his life on the pitch, a place that should only give joy, was terrible. The league was halted for a weekend, quite rightly, to remember a friend and remind us how life sometimes can be so unpredictable.
There is nothing more powerful than death; in life and in football. The tragic and sudden loss of Piermario Morosini during the match between Livorno and Pescara on April 14 was a shock to everyone involved in the game.

Morosini died on the field, while doing his job, doing what he loved most: playing football. The image of him falling and trying to get back up a few times before collapsing to the ground one last time before lying still on the field will haunt fans forever.

The entire Calcio world chose to stop instantly as the players could not continue playing with the pain in their hearts and eyes after seeing those images.

Morosini’s death raised some important questions about the readiness of emergency crews at the grounds in Italy and the effectiveness of the care provided to him immediately after his heart attack.


Vittorio Campanile, Italia Chief Editor

The Juve legend saluted the fans in an emotional farewell. There was joy as the club won the Scudetto but sadness at having to say goodbye. Del Piero wanted to thank everyone in his way, with a goal and another great performance.
Alessandro Del Piero could not have dreamed up a better farewell in his last game in Serie A with Juventus. He scored a goal, took a lap of honour while the game was still in progress and hoisted the Scudetto trophy skyward in the celebrations afterwards.

Del Piero ensured just before the 30-minute mark that it would be an unforgettable day. He controlled the ball on the edge of the area, and sent a shot past the keeper, prompting wild celebrations in Juventus Stadium.

He was given a standing ovation when he was substituted and both teams stopped to pay homage to him. He had no time to sit on the bench though as the public called for him to do a lap of honour while the match was still in progress.

Following the final whistle, Del Piero lifted the trophy for the club's first Scudetto post-Calciopoli. "There's only one captain", the Juve fans sang deep into the night.