Ronaldo vs Messi Round V – Who delivered the knockout blow this time? weighs up the final Clasico duel of the year between the two superstars following Saturday's intriguing clash. Who came out on top at the Bernabeu? presents a boxing-style head-to-head battle between two of the Clasico's key players - Real Madrid's Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi of Barcelona.

Saturday night's La Liga encounter at the Santiago Bernabeu, which ended 3-1 to Barcelona and allowed Pep Guardiola's side to draw level on points with Madrid in the Liga table, represented Round V of our special Ronaldo vs Messi Clasico head-to-head ... the final instalment for 2011.

Round I, November 29:
Lionel Messi 59-53 Cristiano Ronaldo

Round II, April 16:
Cristiano Ronaldo 59-59 Lionel Messi

Round III, April 27:
Cristiano Ronaldo 54- 59 Lionel Messi

Round VI, May 03:
Lionel Messi 59-57 Cristiano Ronaldo

Here's a reminder of how the two players are scored:
  • If there is little to separate the two players in a round they will be scored 10-10. A narrow win in a round, where there are no goals in the match involving the pair, will produce a 10-9. If Messi scores a goal in a round, and Ronaldo doesn’t, the Argentine will win that round 10-8. If Messi scores twice, and Ronaldo doesn’t, he will win 10-7.
  • The same system is used for assists and for winning a penalty. So if in a round, Ronaldo creates a goal and wins a penalty (without taking the penalty), while Messi does nothing of note, then Ronaldo wins that round 10-7.
  • A yellow card results in a one-point deduction. A dive in the penalty area or just outside that is penalised by the referee will lose a player a point too.
  • At least one of the two players will always be awarded a 10 for a round unless both get booked in the same round, which will result in a 9-9. Should one of the two players be sent off, then it will result in a Knockout victory for the other player providing he is not also red carded later in the match.

Please recognise that these values are different to's Player Ratings, and designed to reflect the one-on-one, combat-style judging of a boxing bout.

Let's go!



Picks up the ball from midfield and initiates counterattack. Passes to Benzema, who flicks the ball on to Di Maria but his shot is saved by Valdes.



10 6': SHOT ON TARGET - Pounces on a Ramos slip and darts into the box, but sees his toe-poke slapped away by Casillas.

SHOT OFF TARGET - Receives a squared pass from Benzema from 20 yards out but slams a right-footed shot off target to the left post.
27': Receives a pass from Marcelo down the left wing but his attempted cross is cut out by Puyol.

9 16-30
Draws a foul from Xabi Alonso, who is yellow carded.
29': ASSIST - Messi charges through midfield between two players and sends in a through ball for Alexis Sanchez to score.

31': Goes on a run down the left flank but is brought down. Referee waves play on.
41': Flies down the left wing with the ball and switches play with a cross-field ball but is intercepted by Iniesta.

10 31-45
9 37': YELLOW CARD - Booked carded for dissent after talking back to the referee.
44': Tries to win the ball back in midfield but brings down Xabi Alonso for a foul. No card.

28 Half
47': Runs 30 yards with the ball down the left wing, checks past Puyol and cuts into the middle and it brought down 25 yards out from goal by Pique, who is booked.
48': SHOT - Smashes his low freekick into the wall.
49': SHOT ON TARGET - Curls another freekick from 20 yards out around the wall but is saved by Valdes.
57': Picks up a pass from Benzema on the edge of the box and tries to thread a pass into the box for Ozil but is intercepted.
Plays a double one-two with Xavi in midfield before releasing Fabregas through on goal, but he is flagged offside.
59': Dribbles past Lass on the edge of the area but is dispossessed by Marcelo.

64': SHOT OFF TARGET - Sends his header wide of the left post from six yards out off a Xabi Alonso cross.
70': Collects Kaka's pass in the centre circle and bursts 30 yards forward down the right flank but his cross is cut out by Abidal.

9 61-75
: Waltzes in between two defenders and slips in Alexis through on goal, whose shot goes wide.
 62': Wins a free kick from 25 yards out when he draws a foul from Pepe, who is booked.
63': SHOT OFF TARGET - Curls his low free kick wide of the right post.
66': Skips past a few challenges in midfield and releases Dani Alves down the right wing, which leads to a cross and goal for Fabregas.
69': Dribbles down the right wing and forces a sliding tackle from Ramos, who is booked.
71': Fouls Pepe as he pushes the defender in the air in an attempt to win Alexis' cross to the back post.
 81': Picks up Kaka's pass on the edge of the box on the overlap on the left channel but his squared pass fails to find his intended target.
83': Intercepts a clearance in midfield and instigates an attack which results in Kaka's shot blocked by Valdes.
90'+2: Wins a free kick 20 yards out when he dribbles towards goal through the middle and is brought down by Pique.
90'+3: SHOT - Smashes his low free kick into the wall.

10 76-90
Slips in Iniesta through on goal down the left channel, which results in a shot saved by Casillas.