Where will Mirko Vucinic fit in at Juventus? Here are the options

The offensive department of the Serie A giants is overflowing following their latest acquisition - we look at how he could fit in, from a balanced approach to all out attack
By Sergio Chesi & Adam Scime

New Juventus coach Antonio Conte has finally found his missing forward in the shape of €15 million signing Mirko Vucinic from Roma, leaving the Turin side with an attack that is full and varied. Despite missing out on high-profile targets Sergio Aguero and Giuseppe Rossi earlier in the summer, the team now have a strikeforce that can improve on their seventh place finish from 2010-11.

Krasic, Quagliarella, Del Piero, Matri, Toni and now Vucinic: there certainly isn't a lack of quality present to relaunch the 'Old Lady' of Italian football that has seemed a tad decrepit during the past two disappointing campaigns. There are many possible attacking combinations available to Conte (who favours a 4-2-4 formation with two wingers supporting the strikers) which could be utilised depending on the opponent or situation.

Juventus will be a team known for their attacking presence this coming season, but at least one of their stars will have to be sacrificed to accommodate these new plans. The key for Conte will be choosing the right personnel among the many at his disposal. Goal.com looks at the options available to the tactician.


Vucinic's versatility cannot be understated and his ability to adapt to different roles could play a crucial part in Juventus' operations this season. It is logical to picture the Montenegro international being used as a support striker in combination with Alessandro Matri, with midfielder Milos Krasic out on the right flank to provide service and get in behind the opposition full-back along with either Claudio Marchisio or an upcoming purchase (possibly Juan Vargas) fulfilling the role on the left. Using this approach, the player to be left out would be Fabio Quagliarella, who would be in direct competition with the ex-Lecce man for a place in the starting XI.


Instead of having Vucinic and Quagliarella compete, why not try them together? The duo has the potential to become a very unpredictable attacking pair up front. Both are considered support strikers, but have filled the role of an atypical centre forward in their careers. The Italian and Montenegrin are an offensive tandem with speed, excellent shooting technique, and the ability to interchange roles and positions. In this era more teams are choosing to rely on a system without a reference point up front and this is another option at Conte's disposal. In this case, Matri would be the one left on the bench.


In addition to being a second striker, Vucinic's versatility has seen him play as a wide man in a 4-2-3-1 and there is no reason he could not fulfill a similar role in Turin as part of a distinctly offensive, but skilled set-up aiming to pressure the opposition in their own half: more a 4-2-4 than a 4-4-2. There is little doubt that Conte could ask his new signing to mirror Krasic's role on the opposite flank, especially against weaker Serie A sides. Of course, a team with those four players in attack would require paramount support from the two remaining midfielders in the centre of the pitch and thus there would be no room for club legend Alessandro Del Piero.


Of course there is always the final option - the most extreme, unconventional, and to some extent irrational one - of throwing your top strikers on all at once when you are in the classic situation of having nothing to lose in the final stages of a match. It seems unlikely we would ever see Quagliarella, Matri, Del Piero and Vucinic from the first minute of any game. The first and last from that list would operate as faux wingers, actually being part of the attack with the the other two. Krasic would be forced to watch from the sidelines, unless Conte cheekily were to use him as a full-back and put Juventus into offensive overdrive.