English Angle: Five Things You Didn't Know About Andorra

Goal.com takes a look at things you may not have known about England's admittedly weaker opposition on Wednesday evening...
1) They Hate Wayne Rooney...

The Andorran internationals have branded England's prize striker Wayne Rooney as "arrogant" in the past. During the Three Lions' doomed Euro 2008 qualifying campaign, the little-fancied Andorrans squared-off against England and Oscar Sonejee in particular enjoyed numerous stand-offs with the Manchester United forward. Then-manager Steve McClaren even had to bring the fiery-tempered hotshot off the field after he picked up a cautionary booking.

Sonejee blasted, "Rooney was using the 'F' word then said ‘I’m a star player’ and insulted me, then I insulted him back. The 33-year-old added, "He was thinking ‘who are Andorra?’ Rooney was arrogant. He is very hot and aggressive. He said things to me and I said them back. But I insulted him in Spanish so he probably didn’t understand."

2) When They Go Down, They Go Down Fighting...

Andorra picked up more red and yellow cards throughout the 2006 World Cup qualifiers than any other nation.

They have also won just three games throughout their 13-and-a-half year history. Their supporters have witnessed two 2-0 wins: versus Belarus, 2000, at home; and against Albania, 2002, also at home. Their supporters had to patiently wait until 2004 for their first, and only, competitive win to arrive, a 1-0 triumph over Macedonia. Andorra have scored 16 goals in competitive action, but not one has come up against England. Their greatest goalscorers are Emiliano Gonzalez, Ildefons Lima, and Fernando Silva; who have each found the net twice.

3) Their First Team Work A 9 To 5...
Andorra's first team of national footballers contains a policeman, a civil servant, a gardener and a postman.

4) Their Entire Population Could Fit Into Wembley Stadium...
Andorra's population totals 83,888. They could all comfortably fit into the venue for Wednesday evening's 2010 World Cup qualifier; Wembley Stadium. The capital and most populous city, Andorra la Vella, is home to 22,035. All of whom could easily attend a Premier League game at Fulham's Craven Cottage ground.

Andorra's unemployment rate shows a negative, as there are more people who work there, than live there.

5) Their Footballing Prowess Has Inspired Contemporary Chants...

Of all the football nations of which you might hear,
One above all is admired and feared,
Sandwiched in between Spain and France,
Lives the team against whom nobody ever stands a change.

It's a principality.
Twice the size of Washington D.C.
They're taking everybody on,
With their population of seventy-one thousand, two hundred and one!

This little country packs some many smiles,
Into it's one hundred and eighty-one square miles,
They play football like their going to war,
No wonder it took England fifty-three minutes to score.

It's a tax haven so fine.
Just like a warmer Lichtenstein.
They picked their best eleven from,
Their population of seventy-one thousand, two hundred and one!

[Mitch Benn, The Now Show]

Alan Dawson, Goal.com