The world’s biggest football fan & Lothar Matthaus - a Priceless Surprise

ADVERTORIAL: A die-hard Bayern Munich fan, who grew up in Berlin and even got in trouble with the Stasi for supporting his team, met his hero ahead of the Champions League final
Uwe Bindel, a 48 year-old Berliner and die-hard Bayern Munich fan, has an incredible connection to his beloved team and one that even got him in trouble with the Stasi, the East German secret police, when he was a boy.

It all hinges on an incident in which he kissed the boot of Bayern Munich and Germany legend Lothar Matthaus.

Thirty-two years on, MasterCard arranged for Matthaus to deliver Uwe a ‘Priceless Surprise’ of tickets to the UEFA Champions League Final in his home city of Berlin, as well as tickets to every Bayern Munich home game in the same competition next season.

There is also a surprise from MasterCard for the ‘the biggest fan of the world’s biggest football fan’ - his wife.

Interviews with Uwe have uncovered the extraordinary tolerance that Mrs Bindel has endured over their many years of marriage so that he can follow the other love of his life: his team.

So she is also rewarded with a ‘Priceless Surprise’ – a holiday to a destination of her choice after the trip planned for their 20th wedding anniversary was cancelled so that Uwe could travel to watch Bayern in the Champions League.

If you're a MasterCard cardholder, you never know when you might get a Priceless Surprise.