I Will Be 'Very Sad' If Chelsea Players Take Extra Pleasure In Beating Inter - Jose Mourinho

Not a Special game...
Inter boss Jose Mourinho insists that he will be "very sad" if Chelsea take any extra delight in getting one up over their former boss, when the two sides meet in a blockbuster Champions League tie on Wednesday.

The 'Special One' concedes that only one side will emerge triumphant over the period of 180 minutes divided between the San Siro and Stamford Bridge, but hopes that his former charges treat the Nerazzurri as they would have treated any other club.

"If a Chelsea player is happier to beat me than to beat another manager I will be very sad," Mourinho is quoted by The Sun as saying.

"I just don't understand that. I can't think there would be any special pleasure from that.

"Just as if I am happier to beat them than to beat another team, then I think they have a reason to be very unhappy with me.

"If they knock me out I think it should be the same for them as if they knock out Arsenal or Porto.

"Just as it would be the same for me as if I knock Real Madrid out or Bayern Munich. No more, no less. So I am simply looking at this game with the same emotion as any other Champions League game - without any extra adrenalin or extra pressure.

"After all we're all professionals. I want to win, they want to win - and somebody will win, somebody will lose.

"This we know, this we accept. But there should be nothing more."