Champions League Knockout Draw - December 18th - How It Works

The date for the Champions League Knockout Draw has been set...
With the final round of group stage action having been and gone, it is time to look at how the 2009-10 Champions League Knockout Draw will proceed.

Sixteen teams will enter the draw, which takes place LIVE on on December 18, 2009.

The sixteen teams will be split into two pots. One pot will contain the eight Champions League group winners; the other pot, the runners-up. The pots are given as follows, sorted by country and alphabetically (not by ranking or by group letter):

Each winner will be drawn to face a runner-up, but no two teams from the same association can be drawn against each other in the first knockout stage. For the quarter-final onwards, this geographical protection is lifted. The only teams affected by this ruling are French sides Bordeaux and Lyon, and the Italian clubs Fiorentina, AC Milan, and Inter. Also, teams from the same Champions League group - e.g. Barcelona and Inter - cannot be drawn against each other in this round.

The draw for the Europa League, which takes place on the same day, has the same restriction. For that, the top four UEFA co-efficients from the eight teams that dropped down from the Champions League will join the EL group winners in one pot. The other four CL third-placed sides will join the runners-up in the other pot. Teams from the same Europa League group cannot be drawn against each other in the first knockout round.

Remember to join us on December 18th for the LIVE Champions League Knockout Stage Draw!

Ewan Macdonald, International