Player Ratings: Villarreal 1-1 Panathinaikos

The Greek side picked up a hard fought draw in Spain and was on hand to rate all the players on show...

Lopez 5.5 -
Had very little to do all match but stood out for two notable moments. The first when he nearly took the ball behind the line from an easy cross and then the goal, which he probably should have done a bit better with. Did make a good save to deny Mantzios in the second-half which was key though.

Angel 6.5 - Looked good in defence and got forward a lot to support the front men, putting some good crosses into the box.

Fuentes 6.5 - Had very little trouble at the back all match due to the tactics by the visitors and looked strong.

Godin 6.0 -
Got turned inside out in the first-half on one occasion but that was about the only foot he put wrong, mainly because he had little to deal with.

Bruno 6.5 - Like Angel on the other side he got forward an awful lot and even tested Galinovic with a decent effort in the second-half.

Cazorla 6.5 - Saw an awful lot of the ball on the right and had some really nice touches and passes, unfortunately his shooting was wayward and he couldn't really test Galinovic.

Senna 6.5 - Battled hard in the middle of the pitch and won a lot of the ball for his side, a decent display.

Eguren 5.5 - Not the best performance from the midfielder, who gave away the ball on a few too many occasions, and missed a brilliant chance to give his side the lead from a close-range header.

Ibagaza 7.0 - Probably the best Villarreal midfielder until he was taken off and he created more than one chance for his forwards. Showed his intentions in the first minute when he got to the wing and crossed and Rossi should have finished a great ball from him mid-way through the first-half.

Llorente 6.0 - Looked very lively throughout the match but never really got any chances himself to score, even though he did work hard

Rossi 7.5 - Along with Ibagaza he was the best player for Villarreal and not just because of his coolly taken penalty in the second-half. A real threat whenever he got the ball and even though he missed a brilliant chance to score from close-range he created so much for his side.


Pires 6.5 -
Added some creativity down the flanks when he came on and won the all-important penalty, even though it looked like a massive dive.

Nihat 6.0 - Unfortunately did not add much to this side except a couple of good crosses.

Cani 6.0 - No time to change things.


Galinovic 7.0 - Was always going to be tested the way his side set out their stall and even though he spilled a couple of easy balls he made a couple of crucial saves. The saves he made to deny Rossi and Cazorla were brilliant and he was a key reason his side got their draw.

Nilsson 5.5 - Like most of the defenders he did not get forward much but he got beaten a few too many times down the flank by Ibagaza.

Vintra 7.0 - Made a couple of absolutely superb tackles, first to deny Rossi as he was about to shoot from close-range and then to stop Llorente bursting through on goal, a really good display.
Sarriegi 5.5 - Not the best defender by any means as he got turned and found out of position too often.

Goumas 6.0 - Got booked, which takes his rating down somewhat, but that was only because he tackled hard all game and most of the time he was good.

Wawrzyniak 5.5 - Didn't get beaten down the wing that often but too many times he pushed the Villarreal forwards inside and didn't follow them well enough.

Karagounis 7.0 - Worked his socks off up front and got the all-important goal for his side with a decent strike from distance. Also tested Lopez a couple of times and was a key player when his team did manage to get forward.

Gilberto 5.5 - Was supposed to break up the attacks in midfield but all too often his lack of pace was exposed and he put in some very clumsy tackles at time.

Junior 6.0 - Didn't really create much that much for his side but he worked hard and was always available for his team-mates to find.

Spryopoulos 5.5 - Not the most prosperous of nights down the wing and found that he either had to go backwards or inside when he got the ball.

Mantzios 6.0 - One brilliant bit of skill to set-up a superb chance that he couldn't finish but aside from that he was reduced to running chasing the ball and holding it up.


Gabriel 6.0 - Came on at half-time and did his job reasonably well.

Rukavina 6.0 - No time to change anything.

Salpingidis 6.0 - Didn't change the match.

James Walker-Roberts,