Drunken Manchester United Fans Roam Milan City Centre

A group of drunken English supporters have left the centre of Milan “looking like a cemetery of bottles and cans”.
The build-up to the much-awaited Inter-Manchester United Champions League tie at San Siro has been overshadowed by the news that a group of English supporters have gone on a drunken rampage in the centre of Milan.

The incident took place at just past 1700 CET, when a large group of United supporters stormed the city, and in particular the bars in the Piazza Duomo.

The Piazza has been described by witnesses as looking like “a cemetery of bottles and cans”.

The last hardcore group to leave the scene were said to be completely intoxicated on drink, dancing and singing deafeningly loudly, and struggling to walk in a straight line as they attempted to get onto the subway.

A few fans also caused trouble when they jumped in the way as some Japanese tourists attempted to take a photo.

This is not the first time where there have been reports of English fan trouble abroad, and many will be hoping that there are no further complications inside the stadium.

Anthony Sormani, Goal.com