Former Real Madrid Midfielder McManaman Believes Liverpool Can Win League Title

Two time Champions League winner Steve McManaman believes Liverpool boast the credentials necessary to win the Premier League for the first time in 19 years...
Steve McManaman played for two of the most successful clubs in Europe: Liverpool and Real Madrid, and therefore has an expansive knowledge of what it takes to lift a trophy.

The Bootle-born winger won the FA Cup and the League Cup as a Red, and won La Liga twice and the Champions League twice as a Merengue.

The 36-year-old believes he has seen enough from Liverpool this season to convince him that they have an "outstanding" chance of lifting the Premier League crown in May.

"Put it this way," he told the club's official website. "I will be over the moon if Stevie [Gerrard] and Carra [Carragher] have got their hands on that trophy in May and I honestly believe they have an outstanding chance of doing it.
"People go on about them being ready to collapse but I just don't see it. Over the last three months, they have looked incredibly strong and have played the best football out of the top three. All Chelsea seem to be doing is be chugging along."
He continued: "Prior to last weekend, Manchester United had been poor in a number of games and hadn't been scoring too many goals. Can you say the same about Liverpool? No. Never mind what happened against Stoke.
"They've got the best player in the country in Gerrard and the best centre-forward in the country in Fernando Torres. He has been missing and if he comes back firing on all cylinders, what's stopping them?
"Pressure? That's nonsense," he claimed. "There's no pressure for Stevie – he's played in two European Cup finals.

"Is there any pressure for the Spanish lads who played in the Euro 2008 final? The games they have got coming up are like getting out of bed in the morning."

Steve McManaman is the most decorated Englishman in terms of medals won outside of England.

While playing for Liverpool, he was regarded as one of the finest dribblers of the football, and provided a century of assists for his team-mates.

Alan Dawson,