Gallas Reveals Chelsea's Wage Offer Was 'Laughable'

Ahead of Arsenal's fixture with Chelsea this weekend, William Gallas has fanned the flames of the London rivalry...

William Gallas would appear to enjoy controversy at the moment. After losing the Arsenal captaincy last week, the French defender has now turned his attention to his former club Chelsea and their fans as he looks to further promote his ghost-written autobiography.

Now the player has revealed that his motivation for leaving Chelsea was financial and that he was negotiating secretly with AC Milan for months before he eventually left for Arsenal.

"Milan were knocking on my door. An irony really, this prestigious Italian team were offering me a salary higher than that which I was asking of Chelsea," Gallas claims.

"Straightaway, I was seduced. Not because of the euros but because of the faith a club has in you, the value they put on you.

"The club (Chelsea) came back to me and said: 'We’ll offer you a new contract with a rise but not as much as you’re asking'. Peter Kenyon, the chief executive, was against satisfying my demands. He made our life hell.

"I don’t think either the owners or Kenyon were aware of my contacts with Milan. We let them know and told them of the offer, which was superior to their own and what I was demanding of Chelsea. They wouldn’t stump up.

"Chelsea said, for their part, that they wanted to keep me and their offer was still open. No one knows how laughable their offer was and what I deserved."

Gallas also took a swipe at Chelsea's fans, whom he believes deliberately targeted him for abuse when he faced his old club for the first time in an Arsenal shirt.

"My first match for Arsenal against Chelsea was very difficult. Chelsea’s supporters whistled me every time I got the ball; they really had it in for me. For them, I was a player who would score an own goal, they ignored the truth. I was gutted," the player claims.

Whatever the real reason was behind his decision to leave Cherlsea, these revelations will not calm a situation that was always likely to be emotional. If Gallas wasn't going to be the target of Chelsea's 'boo boys', he certainly will be now.

Zack Wilson,