Manchester United Boss Ferguson Says Fabio Can Match Brother Rafael Da Silva

All the talk has been of Rafael da Silva, but his brother Fabio could be just as precious a talent...

Due to the outstanding manner in which Rafael da Silva has tackled his way into household conversation with his eye-catching displays in a Manchester United shirt, it is easy to forget that he has a twin brother - also at the club.  

Fabio is equally as comfortable playing the short pass as he is sending a ball over the top from the first to the final third in route one style. He keeps his eye on the ball and tackles well, and cleanly.

Like his brother Rafael, Fabio likes to get forward, and has even been known to pull the strings when representing Brazil at youth level. He is also a specialist from a dead ball situation.

The reason why he is yet to feature for Manchester United's first team is because he is recovering from a complicated shoulder injury, and Patrice Evra is also maintaining a firm stranglehold on the left back position.

Cries in England have been heard claiming that Fabio is the more talented of the twins, but reports in Brazil suggest it is more balanced.


Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson though believes Fabio can easily equal the early success of Rafael.

"Rafael and Fabio are identical twins," Ferguson is quoted by the Mirror as saying.

"I can hardly tell them apart, except that one is married and wears a ring.

"It will be interesting to find out if their football ability is identical too. There's every chance it is because Fabio captained the Brazil team at every youth level."

He continued: "Rafael has been a revelation this season. He's impressed us a lot and justified being picked whenever he's played.

"Some people might have been a bit surprised I've picked him over Wes Brown and Gary Neville at times, but I feel the boy has something special.

"But all the players, Gary and Wes included, are supportive of him.

"They think he's fantastic. Rafael doesn't speak English that well but his understanding of football is marvellous and we have high hopes for him."

Alan Dawson,