Beckham Will Go Back To Los Angeles Galaxy - Cantamessa

Milan club lawyer Cantamessa believes the Englishman has no other choice but to go back...

Leandro Cantamessa has not given any signs of encouragement regarding David Beckham's possible extension at Milan by revealing the chances of a longer deal are slim.

The Rossoneri have not hidden the fact they want 'Becks' to stay on for as long as possible. The player and his wife have also leaned towards staying in Milan.

The player's and the club's legal teams are working hard to find a way which will lead to an extension, but early indications suggest it's unlikely.

"If I was to make a prediction, I would say that Beckham will return with the LA Galaxy on March 9," Cantamessa told Radio 101.

"The agreement will be respected and unless something else comes up, the original deal will prevail.

"None of us really know about details of the deal which ties Beckham to the Galaxy and the club [Milan] has not taken any official initiatives.

"It will be different if Galaxy no longer want Beckham, but this has not happened yet."

Not the news Milan fans wanted to hear, but there is still over a month until Beckham is required to go back, and anything can happen.

The Englishman is likely to play in this evening's friendly with Glasgow Rangers at Ibrox.

Salvatore Landolina,