Maldini Hails Ronaldinho, Scoffs At Inter

Ronaldinho is great as far as Maldini is concerned, but, unsuprisingly, he didn't have the same opinion when it came to Inter...

Milan legend Paolo Maldini has hailed Ronaldinho and he believes the Brazilian ace has integrated into the side well.

The Rossoneri are currently on their way to Dubai for their annual tour and a number of players boarded a flight from Malpensa to the United Arab Emirates at around 1:30pm GMT.

Before leaving, Maldini spoke to Milan Channel to give his views on 'Dinho and Scudetto rivals Inter.

"I never really knew Ronaldinho before he came here, however, he has a nice image on the pitch because he is not a grumpy player," Maldini said.

"He has incredible qualities too. It was the press who spoke badly of him in the past and many things were said which were not true, but this is normal when a player doesn't get along with his club.

"Ronaldinho has settled down well here and he is always available for the team."

Il Capitano also had some words on the league leaders. Maldini believes Inter are solid, but he insists Milan have better qualities.

"They (Inter) are more powerful and it's true that they train for certain characteristics in order to win cups and competitions," added the stopper.

"However, we have other qualities."

Salvatore Landolina,