Beckham Has New Tattoo, Victoria Is Unhappy

The Englishman has another tattoo, but wife Victoria is becoming a little concerned...

David Beckham's latest tattoo has not gone down too well with wife Victoria as he takes another step towards becoming a walking work of art.

The new Milan man is getting ready to meet up with his team-mates this week and he thought he would do it by adding more colour to his left arm.

The tattoo is a proverb believed to be taken from the Bible and it reads:

"My son, do not forget my teaching but keep my commands in your heart."

Sources close to the Beckhams told The Sun that Victoria is not impressed:

"Victoria doesn’t think David should have any more tattoos and tried to stop him having another. She likes his tatts but wants a bit of his skin to be left, yet David went ahead with it anyway.

“She is worried he is hooked and she doesn’t know where it will all end. He is a very healthy bloke.

“He doesn’t smoke, barely drinks and looks after his body very carefully. But his addiction is tattoos.

“So while his insides are as clean as a whistle, his outsides are quite the opposite.”

Milan are preparing to head off for their annual tour of Dubai and Beckham is expected to join them later today. The club have never really revealed their stance on all of the midfielder's tattoos.

Salvatore Landolina,