Copa Sudamericana: River Plate - Blooming Clash Suspended After Fan Attacks Henry Gimenez

The life of the Uruguayan player was under threat from a knife-weilding supporter...
Peruvian referee Victor Hugo Carrillo decided to suspend the Copa Sudamericana first-leg match between Blooming of Bolivia and River Plate of Uruguay due to security concerns.

The match at the Ramon Tahuichi Aguilera stadium in Santa Cruz was halted in the 65th minute, with River Plate winning 1-0, after a Blooming supporter entered the field and attacked Henry Gimenez, of the Uruguayan outfit. He lunged over at the player and knocked him on to the ground with great force.

After the game the local press announced that the individual was arrested by police, and that he was carrying a knife.

River Plate's goal was converted by Federico Puppo in the 61st minute, after taking full advantage of an error from Blooming goalkeeper Andres Jemio.

After the decision of the referee to suspend the match, several Blooming fans protested by launching objects and flares onto the field.

Although it is unknown whether River will advance directly to the next round, the second leg had been scheduled for August 27 at the Centenario stadium in Montevideo.

In the early game, Liga de Quito of Ecuador downed Libertad of Paraguay 1-0 with a strike from Neicer Reasco in the first half.

Gregory Sica,