The Chilean Cantona! Sebastian Pol KICKS fan in face

Audax Italiano's enraged player balanced on a perimeter fence and aimed a slick roundhouse at a rival supporter

Eric Cantona's legendary karate kick on a Crystal Palace fan back in 1995 has been replayed countless times across the world. 

'Pep smiles in your face then betrays you'

And the attack apparently travelled as far as Chile, as Sebastian Pol took a leaf out of the Frenchman's book on Saturday! 

The Audax Italiano player showed admirable balance teetering on a fence as he aimed a kick at a rowdy Universidad Catolica fan. 

Despite the assault, the aggrieved party was straight back up in Pol's face and tensions were only defused when the offender returned to the field of play. 

Pol didn't get away with the on-pitch assault, however, as local police arrested the player at full-time.