Sevilla File Official Complaint To UEFA Amid Forgery Claims Against Paris Saint-Germain Goalkeeper Apoula Edel - Report

PSG goalkeeper Apoula Edel is accused of forgery and could cost les Parisiens their last two wins against Sevilla and AC Arles.
Sevilla could yet receive the three points from their Europa League defeat to Paris Saint-Germain on Thursday after the French club were plunged into controversy following allegations of forgery against goalkeeper Apoula Edel.

According to reports in the Spanish press Los Nervionenses have lodged a formal complaint to UEFA after allegations emerged in France claiming that 24-year-old Edel is not who he claimed to be but is instead a 29-year-old named
Ambroise Beyama.

A former coach with the Cameroon national team, Nicolas Philibert has claimed that the player's identification has been falsified and the matter now lays with the French judiciary while UEFA are understood to have launched their own investigation.

If the allegations are proved true and the player is found guilty, he could be sentenced to prison although the player's legal representative Christophe Bigot is adamant that there has been no wrong-doing on the part of the player.

"It's a gross mis-handling. It's an attempt to intimidate Edel. I am extremely calm on the issue.
I have irrefutable evidence that Mr Philibert is not telling the truth and Edel did not change his  identity at any time," Bigot is quoted as saying by Marca.

Meanwhile if false documents were lodged with the game's French and European governing bodies les Parisiens risk losing the points they have accumulated so far this season in games involving Edel, namely the Sevilla tie in Europe and their last Ligue 1 tie against AC Arles.

They could also face expulsion from the European competition, demotion from the top tier of French football and heavy fines although club lawyer Laurent Pagnol does not believe demotion is a likely outcome.

"In sporting terms, PSG can lose the points gained in matches in which he was playing," Pagnol noted.

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