SAFA Contact Carlos Alberto Parreira Regarding South Africa Post

Former Bafana Bafana head coach Carlos Alberto Parreira has confirmed that SAFA made their first contact with him on Wednesday regarding his possible return to the national team.
According to GLOBOESPORTE.COM, Carlos Alberto Parreira didn’t go into details about when a proposed meeting with SAFA will take place and also stated that he was unsure which representatives would arrive in Brazil.

“I don’t know the name of the person who is coming,” said Parreira Wednesday night. “But SAFA did contact me and want to talk.”

However, interestingly, when Joel Santana yesterday met his former bosses in Johannesburg where his ‘termination contract’ was signed, the sacked coach expected to see Raymond Hack at the meeting – but he wasn’t there.

Santana told GLOBOESPORTE.COM, “Hack was due at the meeting but is travelling!”

The Brazilian media also spoke to SuperSport’s coach Gavin Hunt who threw a spanner in the works by strongly criticising the return of Parreira and saying that he doesn’t agree with hiring a foreigner.

“The next coach will not be a Brazilian, but a South African,” Hunt said. “That’s something I can guarantee.

“I’ve not received any invitation to do the job, just been invited to a meeting but of course I’m interested in the post, it’s a great opportunity for any coach.”

Peter Pedroncelli,