Naughty Mokoena Going For Trials In Australia

Former Bafana Bafana midfielder Naughty Mokoena is leaving for trials in Australia tomorrow as he bids to reignite his career.
Naughty Mokoena has been playing in the Vodacom League for Lusitano, but he is hoping to find redemption in Australia if he makes an impression in the three weeks he will spend there.

John Morapedi of Aujajo Sports Management explains to how Mokoena managed to secure some trials in Australia.

“Naughty was spotted by some scouts from Australia when he was playing in a tournament organised by the Randburg team that he used to play for. These scouts will take him to top league teams in Australia during the three weeks that he will spend there.

“I am hoping for the best for Naughty because he has been working hard,” says Morapedi. Mokoena courted controversy at the peak of his career when he was sent home during the 1998 World Cup after having sneaked out of camp for a night out in France.

The much-travelled midfielder played for eight top-flight teams and was briefly the coach at SAB promotional league side Mofolo Leeds last year.

The 34-year-old says he has dumped his "scandalous and controversial past" after having tied the knot in December last year.

Peter Pedroncelli,