Bernard Parker And Mohammed-Awal Issah Suing Red Star Belgrade

Both Bernard Parker and Mohammed-Awal Issah are suing Red Star Belgrade for outstanding monies owed to them.
This was confirmed to by well-known soccer lawyer Mike Murphy, who added that papers relating to the two issues have already been filed with FIFA and that the matter will be heard by the world body’s Dispute Chamber in due course.

Murphy also disclosed that the two players had different contracts with the Serbian giants and even if FIFA finds Red Star guilty of "misconduct" in terms of not fulfilling its financial obligations, both Parker and Issah could find themselves hampered in playing again next season because of red tape involving the issue of international clearances.

Parker and Issah are due to play in Red Star's last match of the season at the weekend, after which Parker will return to South Africa to join the Bafana Bafana camp. Murphy, however, says he does not know what Issah’s plans are at this stage, but he would recommend that the Ghanaian return directly to South Africa.

Murphy says that the South African democratic constitution is so strong that in the past he has been able to successfully contest players’ eligibility to continue playing while awaiting the outcome of international legal cases involving their clearances from previous clubs.

He added that the balance of Parker’s transfer fee owed to Thanda and any monies owed to AmaZulu were not issues that would be dealt with by FIFA.