Universal Stars director Christopher Forsythe: Ghana need to invest in lower leagues

The football administrator who helped Ghana’sAfriyie Acquah to complete a transfer to Palermo is calling for funding to improve the lower leagues
The director of Ghana’s Universal Stars, Christopher Forsythe, is lamenting the unattractive nature of the leagues in Ghana and has called for a cash injection to enhance them.

Forsythe suggested that the lower leagues must be given a great deal of attention by the Ghana Football Association (GFA) because they serve as feeding grounds for the Premier teams.

Speaking in an interview with Goal.com, the director of the third-tier side of Ghana pointed out that the lower leagues have been neglected, although they continue to produce good players for the teams in the top flight.

“The only way the lower leagues can be attractive is if the GFA will give it the same attention as they are giving to the premiership and the national teams,” Forsythe said. “The only way a club can become a premiership one is by going through the lower leagues.”

“It is very important that the lower leagues are given much attention, especially the refereeing side so that those clubs with quality players and set up are promoted to the premiership to make it attractive.”

Universal Stars are making waves in the third-tier league, but Forsythe reveals that this comes with a cost.

“We have directors who are all football enthusiasts who understand the game and believe that with the right connections and partnership, the club will become one of the biggest clubs in Ghana,” he said.

“We believe that Universal Stars F.C will become the biggest professional run club in Ghana with the set up of the Universal Stars Sporting Club Limited. We are also in negotiation with foreign consortium who are very interested in our set up and are looking forward in taking a stake in the club.”

The man, under whose tutelage Palermo’s Afriyie Acquah gaineda  transfer from Ghana, added: “Well, at the moment our main focus is to qualify for the middle league and we are doing our best possible to make it to the middle league, but I must stressed that with the quality of players we have and also the strong technical team, we will be a force to reckon for qualification into the premiership this season.”