Yacine Abdessadki sacked by Freiburg for allegedly stealing shampoo from team hotel

The French midfielder has been released by the Bundesliga strugglers for apparently pilfering a number of items during a recent stay in Koln
Yacine Abdessadki’s representatives have expressed their shock at Freiburg’s decision to terminate their client’s contract with the club for allegedly stealing four bottles of shampoo and damaging a dispenser in a Koln hotel room.

The French midfielder has been sacked by the relegation-threatened club after being accused of pilfering a number of items during the team’s stay at the Ameron Hotel Regent in Koln on December 10.

"The release is unjustified,” the player’s management are quoted as saying by Bild. "Abdessadki deplores SC's actions and remains ready to serve the team in order to halt their decline."

According to Abdessadki’s attornery, Dr. Werner Schurig, the player simply wanted to take a shower but found that the shampoo dispenser in his room was empty.

Consequently, he then went to the next room [that of Heiko Butscher and Jonathan Schmid] and got some from the dispenser there before [Garra] Dembele, the room-mate of Abdessadki, went to the lobby to ask for a couple bottles of shampoo.

Freiburg are claiming, though, that they were charged by the hotel for not replacing the shampoo dispensers, which were allegedly broken, and sporting director Dirk Dufner insists that the club had every right cancel Abdessadki's contract.

"Things happened which we can't let go with a professional player, who is supposed to function as a role model,” he argued. “SC Freiburg will not tolerate such behaviour."