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Exclusive Michael Bradley Interview - Part II

The day after his two-goal heroics in the Rhein-derby against rivals Koeln, we bring you the second part of an exclusive interview with Michael Bradley. What is the main difference between the Dutch first division and the Bundesliga?  

Michael Bradley: I don’t want to belittle the Dutch league, but the level of the Bundesliga is much, much higher.  In Germany, every game is difficult.  I moved here for the chance to play for a top club in a top league.  On the other hand, I am very grateful to Heerenveen.  The club is like a family and I go there quite often to watch matches. Do you know much about  The next question comes from our American colleagues at USA.  

Michael Bradley: Yes.  I’ve visited the site a few times on the internet. In February you scored both goals in the World Cup qualifier against Mexico for the US.  How did that feel?  

Michael Bradley: The win over Mexico was something special.  It was a World Cup qualifier – so it was an important game.  We fought hard as a team.  It doesn’t really matter who scored the goals though. Why have the USA continually beaten Mexico in recent times?  

Michael Bradley: That has been the case in the past, but I don’t believe that it will automatically be the case in the future.  We have a lot of respect for Mexico as a team and also as individual players. Which midfield players in the US team suit your style the best- Kljestan, Mastroeni, Adu, or Clark?  

Michael Bradley: We are a good team and having plenty of strength in depth.  All four of them can help us to in games. And what do you think about Landon Donovan’s time with Bayern Munich?

Michael Bradley: It is great for him and great for the US national team.  Bayern are one of the biggest clubs in the world.  He would have liked to have stayed there a little longer, but unfortunately that wasn’t possible. Your father is the coach of the national team.  Is that difficult for you?  Are things said about the link?  

Michael Bradley: The most important thing for me is that the way I play and train is respected.  If I achieve that, then everybody will be happy.  And what other people say doesn’t really concern me at all.   

Interview Daniel Buse,
Translation: Mathew Burt,