No concrete new investor for Bayern Munich, insists Rummenigge

Die Roten's chief is coy on the possibility of a new financier, after rumours that the club is searching for a new partner alongside Audi and Adidas came to light
Bayern Munich CEO Karl-Heinz Rummenigge has played down the chance of the Bundesliga giants finding themselves a new investor, and admits that no talks have occurred for such a purpose.

Currently, the Bavarian club have major investment from both Adidas and Audi, but are supposedly searching for another company to buy into their shares.

"There is nothing concrete. What has been reported is partly wrong," Rummenigge insisted to sport-business magazine Sponsors.

"In theory, it would be possible to get another sponsor alongside Adidas and Audi on board, but there is neither a concrete plan, nor talks for such.

"We may not even make use of it [the idea]."

Whilst the club may consider a new investor, Rummenigge was quick to divulge that precautions were in place to ensure that the club retains at least 70 per cent of its shares.

"We have imposed the rule that at least 70 per cent of the shares must remain in club hands, but until then we have to sell just under 11.8 per cent," he said.