Malaysian trio join top flight Slovakian club ViOn Zlate Moravce

Three young Malaysian footballers have joined the Slovakians on loan until the end of October with a view to making their stays in Europe permanent
Slovakian club FC ViOn Zlate Moravce have confirmed the signings of Malaysian trio Irfan Fazail, Wan Zack Wan Haikal and Mohd Fadhli Shas.

This is a new chapter for Malaysian football as they are the first players to ply their trade with a Slovakian Corgon Liga club.

All three players are aged 20-years-old and join the club on loan until October 30 from Harimau Muda.

The league, which boasts former Uefa Champions League clubs such as MSK Zilina and Slovan Bratislava, will help the players grow as capable footballers and at the same time, help expand the Malaysian talent pool around Europe and Asia.

ViOn, who are currently placed third in the Corgon Liga, took this players on merit and not on marketing based purposes.

According to ViOn president Villiam Ondrejka the players impressed the coaching staff as they showed great determination and tenacity during training and friendly matches.

Milan Galaba, the team's sports manager, hailed the sigining of the players as he said it will revitalise the team and with young fresh legs, the team will have much depth to give a fight against teams like Zilina and Bratislava.