Sangju Sangmu Phoenix face exclusion from K-League next season - report

Korea's military club have been heavily implicated in the match-fixing scandal and following the arrest of the team's coach on blackmail charges, there's doubts about their future

K-League club Sangju Sangmu Phoenix could be barred from Korea's top flight next season due to its involvement in the match-fixing scandal according to a military official.

Yonhap News reports Sangmu, who are Korea's military club where players conscripted for their two years mandatory national service play their football, could be excluded from the K-League next season according to a military official.

Sangmu have been heavily involved in the match-fixing scandal with nine of the 46 former and active K-League players implicated coming from the club.

It was also revealed earlier this week that the club's coach had been arrested for blackmailing players in exchange for concealing their involvement in the scandal.

Earlier this month, Korea's vice minister of culture, sports and tourism Park Sun-Kyoo told reporters that clubs could be thrown out of the K-League if corruption continued following a raft of new measures were put in place to eliminate wrongdoing.

"If players in the K-League are caught trying to throw matches from this July and on, their teams will be forced out of the league," said Park.

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