Insulting Jubilo Iwata supporters banner directed at Shimizu S-Pulse's Iranian coach mars derby

Jubilo Iwata administration apologise after fans unveil insulting banner directed at opponents Iranian coach during Shizuoka derby
Jubilo Iwata has made a public apology to Shimizu S-Pulse and their Iranian coach Afshin Ghotbi after home fans unfolded a banner reading: 'Ghotbi, stop producing nuclear weapons.'

The banner was a reference to the S-Pulse's manager Iranian nationality and speculation that his country is involved in the development of nuclear warheads.

The game between the two Shizuoka prefecture's clubs has a historic rivalry dating back to the second year of professional football in Japan, 1994.

However, the animosity between the two sides has so far been restricted to some very intense games and sardonic mocking on the terraces.

Jubilo's administration immediately expressed regret for the event. The club's president Hiroyuki Yoshino spoke to the local press, saying that: "We will intensify our control and prevent something like this from happening again."

Jubilo has also immediately published an official apology to Shimizu S-Pulse and Ghotbi in person on their website for a banner that 'has nothing to do with sport and caused troubles'.

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