'Delete this now!' - Manchester City fans horrified by Aguero meme

The Argentine striker scored in the club's FA Cup win over West Ham, but fans were less than happy with how the club shared the news online

Manchester City fans should have been happy when Sergio Aguero scored in the FA Cup rout of West Ham, but ended up horrified when the club announced the news by using an internet meme.

Aguero netted City's fourth in a 5-0 victory, with the club's official Twitter account confirming that he had risen to third on the list of their all-time leading goalscorers as a result.

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However, the accompanying picture, which is a play on the 'Evil Kermit' meme that became popular on social media late last year, was the subject of ridicule by fans.

The 'Evil Aguero' Tweet provoked dozens of replies asking for the image to be deleted, with one supporter even claiming that the update had "just ruined his achievement".

Despite the overwhelmingly negative reaction from fans, the original tweet received over 1,000 likes and retweets.