Ronaldo practises penalties with son... and adds CRUEL forfeit

Fresh from his Champions League heroics, the Real Madrid talisman is back on the pitch to face a new challenge in the form of his son from a little less than 12 yards


Cristiano Ronaldo has challenged his son to a penalty shoot-out and added a rather mean forfeit to it.

Fresh from scoring his record-breaking third hat-trick of the Champions League campaign on Tuesday, which guided Real Madrid to a comeback win over Wolfsburg to reach the semi-finals, Ronaldo is back on the pitch.

This time his opponent is his son, who is challenged to a series of spot kicks with Father Ronaldo keeping goal. The wager? If the youngster misses one he has to do 10 push ups. Watch the parenting lesson below.

At least he gave his kid the third one though. Either that or Ronaldo's goalkeeping skills are highly questionable.