Obama 'could not arrange' Messi meeting for daughters

The president of the United States introduced his daughters to Pope Francis while in Argentina but the Barcelona star, back home on international duty, eluded them


Football fans all over the world dream of meeting Lionel Messi - but they may be disheartened to learn even arguably the most powerful man on the planet cannot pin down the Ballon d'Or winner.

Barack Obama, the president of the United States, revealed while speaking on a trip to Argentina that he had brought his daughters along to see the country and meet a couple of famous faces.

Sasha and Malia are still waiting for some time with Messi - but they did bag the consolation prize of bumping into another famous Argentine, Pope Francis.

"I also wanted to bring my daughters here, so they could see the beauty and the vibrancy of [Buenos Aires]," Obama said.

"They've already met one famous Argentinean - His Holiness Pope Francis. Now they want to meet Messi, but I could not arrange that."

They might have to stick around a while longer - Messi and Argentina have travelled to Chile for a rematch of the Copa America final on Thursday and will then return home to take on Bolivia.