Alexis has never looked happier in bizarre dog advert

Humber and Atom line-up alongside their master and take selfies, wear sunglasses, play football and divulge in a lot of face licking


Alexis Sanchez has taken his puppy love to a new level by starring alongside his dogs in a new dog food advert.

The 27-year-old lines up alongside his new team-mates - Humber and Atom - in an advert for Chilean dog food brand 'Master Dog'.

Grinning throughout, Alexis partakes in a game of football with his dogs and takes selfies while wearing sunglasses all while being licked adoringly.

Sanchez has been public in his affection for the two canines in the past, posting videos of their walks to the soundtrack of Phil Collins on Instagram, while also taking them to training.

Watch the advert below...