Hannover players suspended after failed casino heist

The three youth team players planned a robbery of the casino in Lauenau, only to flee when police spotted their car parked in a 'no-waiting' section


When is the worst time to get cold feet? Before your wedding, maybe? Or prior to a big job interview? Nope, Hannover's youth team players have the true answer: the beginning of an armed robbery!

That’s right, three bumbling young stars plotted a casino heist the likes of which would make Danny Ocean proud, only to decide to call the whole thing off at the last moment.

The three, who are understood to earn around €1,500 a month, installed fake licence plates on their cars and donned balaclavas and gloves for the occasion, while Bild claim they also had a gun in their possession.

However, the unnamed trio made the rookie mistake of parking in the 'no-waiting' section outside of the casino in Lauenau and were spotted by police, leading to their plan being called off.

"Yes, there was an incident. We are completely informed about everything," Hannover managing director Martin Bader confirmed.

The trio have been suspended. Less George Clooney, more George Costanza.