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'Happy birthday fatty!' - Neymar pays tribute to Luis Suarez

Neymar and Luis Suarez's close relationship on and off the field for Barcelona is no secret. 

The South American pair have struck up a tight friendship since Suarez left Anfield for the Camp Nou in 2014, and social media fanatic Neymar often dedicates special messages to his team-mate on big occasions, with an interesting array of nicknames included. 

So of course, there was no way the Brazilian was going to let his friend's 29th birthday pass unnoticed.

"Happy birthday fatty!" he wrote on Twitter, alongside a picture of himself cuddling up to his elder team-mate - who looks rather bemused at the affection.

"You're a great player and an even better person... I admire you".

Suarez is of course happily married, but if Neymar gets his way we might be seeing the most romantically charged strike partnership since the glory days of Diego Maradona and Claudio Caniggia!