Arsenal fans boycott Costa coffee after Gabriel red

After the striker escaped without a red card during Chelsea's 2-0 win over Arsenal, and before the pair were charged by the FA, an unlikely third party are suffering


A section of Arsenal fans have decided to boycott Costa coffee in favour of high-street rivals Starbucks or Pret a Manger following Diego Costa's involvement in Gabriel's recent red card.

The Arsenal defender saw red after kicking out at Costa in the aftermath of an altercation during Saturday's Premier League meeting at Stamford Bridge.

Chelsea went on to win 2-0, with Costa substituted by Jose Mourinho in the second half after similar spats with Laurent Koscielny, and the striker has since been charged with violent conduct.

Gabriel, who was charged with improper conduct the Football Association, while Chelsea and Arsenal were handed a charge of failing to control their players - yet somehow Costa coffee have now also been implicated.

Football fans, eh?

Well, much like the striker, Costa didn't take this lying down and responded to the threat in great style.