Maradona issues another Al Wasl ultimatum: Give me money for players or I'll quit

The Argentine legend has been unhappy that the Dubai outfit's management failed to fulfill their promise of players and says it may force him to leave football altogether
Al Wasl coach Diego Maradona has once again threatened to quit the UAE outfit if he doesn't receive funds for signings he believes he was promised to turn the team into title contenders.

The Argentine said in January's transfer window he was promised up to six players by Al Wasl management however only two new signings arrived at the club.

Maradona has insisted he needs to bring in new faces to make the club capable of competing for trophies, after failing in their endeavours in the first season of his two-year contract in Dubai.

"We need more players. In the beginning the agreement was for six players, but I have only received two, and one has left, so they have not fulfilled what was agreed," Maradona told reporters.

"If the management cannot fulfil my needs then I will be ready to leave."

Maradona also clarified he wasn't personally after a pay rise, and only wanted to boost the club's playing roster.

“I will talk to the management, discuss the requirements and see if they can fulfil these promises. I am not asking for a raise, a single dollar extra," he said.

“I just want to be able to compete and if I cannot be competitive with my team, then I don’t deserve to be doing this. I cannot compete if I cannot get the players I want.

“I still have a year on my contract, but I will be very sad if I have to leave because I will feel that I did not get the support I wanted. I came here to work, to achieve good results and compete. This is the most important thing to me and it saddens me that I am not able to achieve that.”

Maradona also said he was pondering life outside football and admitted he was missing not being around his grandson Benjamin, son of Manchester City's Sergio Aguero.

"Maybe after being 31 years in this industry it's time to do something else and be with my grandson," he said.

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