Al Wasl Star Douglas Dos Santos: Ronaldo Told Me To Play In UAE

A certain striking legend speaks highly of one of Asia's major cities...
Al Wasl’s new Brazilian star, Douglas Dos Santos, has revealed that former Corinthians team-mate Ronaldo helped to persuade him to sign for the UAE club.

The playmaker joined the Dubai club in a four-year deal worth $8 million, and a certain striker played a part in the decision.

“Ronaldo is a great player, a phenomenon and playing alongside him is an honour I will never forget,” Douglas said, according to local media.

“When Ronaldo heard that I was in talks with a club in Dubai, he urged me to take up the offer, describing the beauty of this country and the quality of life here.

“Ronaldo has been to Dubai many times and told me it was a very safe place, good to stay with your family. As soon as I landed here, I realised Ronaldo’s advice was on target.”

He added, “I know this is a big change for me, but I am happy to be here and looking forward to the start of the season.

“I have really been heartened by the reception I have received here from the fans. I can assure you this is a lot better than what I got at Corinthians. So my target here will be to make the fans happy, just as they have made me feel so welcome here.”

Al Wasl finished seventh last season and are looking to improve under new coach Alexandre Guimaraes.