Official: Singapore striker Noh Alam Shah leaves Indonesian outfit Arema FC

The 31-year-old striker has written an official resignation letter due to personal reasons and it was accepted by Arema's management
Singapore international Noh Alam Shah has announced he has decided to part company with Indonesian Premier League outfit Arema FC.

After being reported absent from club training recently, finally he revealed his reason, as the striker who has a nickname Along officially sent a resignation letter to leave the club.

Arema media officer Noor Ramadhan confirmed the situation and made a statement about the resignation.

"The resignation was submitted to management. We cannot prevent his choice. Therefore, the reason is very personal," said Ramadhan.

Noh Alam Shah insisted he was not comfortable anymore in the team due to inconsistent management.

"I just want to play and work in comfort, like a professional player," said Alam Shah.

The dismissal of former head coach Milomir Seslija and physical trainee Dule also reinforced his reasons for leaving the team.

Alam Shah also thanked the support which Aremania (Arema fans) have offered to him.

"Thank you Aremania, I would still become an Aremania. My soul and love to Arema and Aremania would be forever," said Alam Shah.

Alam Shah joined Arema from Tampines Rovers in 2009, having enjoyed a succesful period with the club when they lifted the 2009-10 Indonesian Super League trophy.