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Reports - Police Kill Man Suspected Of Jakarta Bombings And Manchester United Cancellation

Noordin M Top, the Malaysian suspected of being the mastermind behind the Bali atrocities and the recent Marriott and Ritz-Carlton bombings, has been killed by special forces according to reports in Indonesia.

The bombings in Jakarta capital last month killed nine people and caused Manchester United to cancel their first visit to the country and a sold-out match in the capital.

Noordin had been hiding inside a small home in a Central Java village of Temanggung. For 17 hours, police special forces surrounded his home.

Local media reported that Noordin put up fierce resistance with a bomb strapped around his body and claimed to hold a hostage.

On Saturday afternoon local time however, he was shot and killed.

There were a number of explosions in the house before gunshots were heard.

Just prior to the raid, police also secured explosives at a house in eastern Jakarta.

Bima Said, Indonesia