Ahn Jung-Hwan: I Want To Stay In China

The Lord of the Ring is happy in the Middle Kingdom...
Ahn Jung-hwan has declared that he would like to extend his loan-spell with Dalian Shide.

The South Korean striker scored twice last weekend as Dalian defeated Hangzhou 3-0 and has told Chinese television that he wants to stay beyond his three-month loan spell.

It has been reported in the Chinese and Korean media that the 33 year-old will head to Australia in June.

The 2002 World Cup star said however that anything could happen.

“When I am a fully recovered to my peak condition, I want to help the team as much as possible. I too would like to stay at Dalian for a long time," Ahn said.

“But nothing has been decided yet."

Ahn’s wife, Lee Hye-won, seemed to give the thumbs-up to the idea of staying on in China, although she won't talk directly about his future plans.

“I can’t talk about my husband’s business,” said the former Miss Korea, who then added, “Dalian is cleaner and more beautiful than I expected. The supporters also are very passionate."

John Duerden