Real Madrid Have Sold Over A Million Cristiano Ronaldo Shirts - Report

Ronaldo shirt sales are bringing groundbreaking returns...
Revenues from CR9 shirts sales have reaped over €100 million in revenues, with over a million shirts sold in the city of Madrid alone, reports Portuguese publication A Bola.

The offical Real Madrid store in the Bernabeu and the small outfit in the Plaza del Sol are flooded by thousands of fans daily, both Spaniards and visitors from every corner of the world, and those Madridistas regularly buy the shirt of their favourite player.

Cristiano Ronaldo's shirt has been the top seller and, if the figures are accurate, Los Blancos have already sold €100 million worth of shirts - and that is just in the first year of his contract.

Madrid have seen names like Luis Figo, Zinedine Zidane, Ronaldo and David Beckham printed on their shirts, but according to Madrid officials, Cristiano Ronaldo's name is like nothing they have ever seen in terms of sale revenues.

It must be noted however that these revenues do not represent actual profits, as a large amount goes to covering heavy costs of production. Any remaining profits are split amongst Real Madrid, their kit manufacturer Adidas, and Cristiano Ronaldo himself.

The economic model pursued by club president Florentino Perez continues to reap huge financial benefits for the capital side. Real Madrid own roughly 50% of Ronaldo's image rights, which allows them to benefit greatly from his lucrative sponsorship deals with Nike, Castrol, and others.

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As reported by Portuguese publication A Bola,