Messi's double doping tests are normal - Spanish authority

The Argentine said it was 'strange' that he was the only player of five screened to give both blood and urine samples but has been told that it was normal procedure

Lionel Messi has been told his drug tests were completely normal by Spain's anti-doping authority, after the Barcelona star complained that his screening was more rigorous than those given to his team-mates.

The Argentine, along with Jordi Alba, Claudio Bravo, Ivan Rakitic and Andres Iniesta, was given a doping test by the Spanish Agency for Health Protection in Sport (AEPSAD) on Monday, but he was the only one of the five to have to supply both urine and blood samples.

Messi said he felt it was "a bit strange" that he was more thoroughly tested than the rest, but AEPSAD have since said that it is normal for one of five players to be given extra screening. 

"Messi passed his urine tests and blood tests as is normal every week for athletes in Spain," a spokesman said.

"Dozens of players have been tested this year. The procedure is normal. It selects one of five players to take blood samples. So it is usual in every way."