Sevilla boss Emery apologises for drink-driving fine

The Sevilla coach admitted he is responsible for setting a better example after being found to be over the limit when driving home from an evening out

Sevilla coach Unai Emery has apologised after being issued a fine for drink driving.

The Europa League-winning coach was stopped by police and subsequently failed a breathalyser test on Thursday morning.

Emery, who had been out dining with friends prior to the incident, says it was a momentary lapse in judgement when he opted to drive home and admits he should set a better example as a figure in the public eye.

Taking to his Twitter account, he said: "Last Thursday I was stopped by the local Valencia police and breathalysed. Like any normal citizen on their holidays…

"…the dinner with friends went on longer and instead of taking a taxi, I took the car. I was [tested as] positive, [received an] administrative sanction with a fine and four points [on my licence]…

"Even though it is only a fine, I apologise, because I am aware that drinking and driving is not compatible.

"Public figures have to project exemplary behaviour to our followers. I apologise. [We] Learn from mistakes. Thank you."

Emery later posted a second message to clarify the severity of the police sanction after some reports in Spain suggested he could be punished further.

"Regarding publications in the press, I reiterate that I have been fined, cautioned and received penalty points. I have not been charged of any offence beyond that."

Emery, who has previously coached Almeria, Valencia and Spartak Moscow, lifted the Europa League and guided Sevilla to a fifth-placed finish in the 2013-14 season.