'Gonzalo Higuain was lucky, his injury could have ended his career', claims doctor Richard Fessler

The Argentine ace's back problem was more serious than many expected and it could have caused a premature end to his career, according to one of the doctors who operated him
The back injury sustained by Real Madrid striker Gonzalo Higuain could have ended his career, doctor Richard Fessler has revealed.

The Argentina international flew to Chicago in January to undergo surgery on a hernia in his back, missing over three months of action during the course of the last season.

Higuain has been hot in front of goal this term, netting nine goals in all competitions so far, but doctor Richard Fessler, who operated the striker, has revealed that the 23-year-old's career was hanging by a thread.

"An injury like the one Higuain suffered could make a player retire, so Gonzalo was lucky," Fessler is quoted by Marca as saying.

"The most important factor was his ability to recover, as well as the good work of all the doctors involved.

"I believe he is almost completely recovered, perhaps he is still missing something but he is practically 100 per cent recovered. He has been able to recover his game and I am happy to see him doing that."