Ex-Atletico Madrid coach Quique Sanchez Flores hits back at Inter's Diego Forlan

The Uruguay international striker revealed his personal problems with his former boss earlier in the week, and the trainer has retaliated in kind and defended himself
Former Atletico Madrid coach Quique Sanchez Flores has responded to Diego Forlan's criticism of him by staing that he pushes his players to get the best from them.

The pair worked together at the Vicente Calderon outfit before the trainer was relieved of his position at the end of 2010-11, and had an on-off relationship with the striker.

The now Inter forward recently slammed his former boss, but Sanchez Flores has explained the duo's troubled past.

"There is no evidence that on any team I've coached I've had problems with anybody, but I have always been demanding of players. I call for performance, availability and attitude. Perhaps Forlan has not been found in that situation before," the 46-year-old told Radio Marca.

The former Spain international defender frequently opted to use the South American as a substitute, and explains his thinking behind this.

"When I understood that the interests of Forlan were not the same as mine, and mine were to win as many points as possible, I preferred to bet on another player," he continued.

The coach did admit to pushing the players in his time in charge at Benfica, Valencia and Getafe, but claims this did not cause problems.

"Forlan was not the first great player I have targeted, and I maintain a great relationship with the rest," he concluded.