Barcelona President Joan Laporta Retracts Endorsement For Alfons Godall In Favour Of Jaume Ferrer

Laporta has retracted his support for one candidate in support of another that will be seen as the continuation of his administration....
Barcelona president Joan Laporta has changed his mide over his preferred candidate in the upcoming summer club elections.

As reported by Marca, Laporta will support Jaume Ferrer as the continuation of his own administration, retracting his support of Alfons Godall, the candidate he has endorsed to date.

The motive for the change appears to be rooted in the fact that Godall has refused to promise Laporta that he will not join forces with another candidate in the elections, Spanair president Ferran Soriano.

Having served the maximum term as Barca president, Laporta will step down from his post in late June, during which time the elections will be held.

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