Barcelona President Joan Laporta Postpones Political Career

Laporta's decision to run for office continues to be put on the back burner...
As reported by Sport, Barcelona president Joan Laporta has confirmed that he will delay his decision over whether to pursue a career in politics until after he leaves his post as Barcelona president on June 30 this year.

"I am reflecting on this decision and nothing is decided yet," the Barca president was reported to have said on Catalunyan radio. "I am trying to gather information and am doing a series of studies to analyse whether it would be the right decision and whether I could be a viable candidate. The time to announce the decision cannot be before I have left the Barca presidency, as mandated by the club."

Laporta has been outspoken about his political affiliations whilst serving as the Barca supremo, promoting Catalunyan autonomy as a separate state from Spain and declaring Barca as the symbol of Catalunya.