Former Real Madrid Coach Bernd Schuster: There Were Players That Did Not Want David Villa

The German coach has also likened a Ronaldo-less Madrid to a sleeping pill...
Former Real Madrid coach Bernd Schuster has revealed that while he was at the Bernabeu helm there were players in the Madrid squad that did not want Los Blancos to sign David Villa from Valencia last summer.

"I would have brought Villa, but there were a lot of people who did not want him to come," said the German in comments to Marca. When pressed further about whether it was Raul who did not favour Villa's arrival, Schuster responded ironically with "I have a cough", insinuating the captain's involvement.

Schuster finished by saying that the only reason he watches Real Madrid matches is to watch Cristiano Ronaldo. "There was a time I used to love watching Real Madrid for Zidane. Now I only watch them because Ronaldo is playing. Without him Madrid would be a sleeping pill. If he were not in the squad, the other players would not make any difference in the match."